Fendt 936 Vario SCR With Weight v 1.0


Fendt 936 Vario SCR With Weight

This is the Fendt 936 Vario! A powerfull tractor with 360 HP. This version of Fendt 936 Vario has a lot of functions and other things and scripts.


-Max Speed: 52 Km/h

-Horse Power: 360 Hp

-4×4 Transmission

-Front and Rear Loader

-Front and Rear PTO

-Animated Front Axle (ILS Axle)

-Washable Dirt



-Plow Spec

-Ability to remove and add the wings (With the R button)

-Basic Interactive Controls (IC) (With space-bar)

-Normal Lights (With the F button)

-Work Lights (With numpad 5 and 6)

-Rear Warning Signs

-Ability to remove and add, rear and front twin wheels (With the N and M Button)

In The Pack There Is A ”Fendt Weight” For The Tractor.


Warrior Skinner


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