Deutz Fahr K8.51 v 1.0


Deutz Fahr K8.51

Schuitemaker made a couple of years foragewagons for the German company Deutz-Fahr. The Schuitemaker Rapide 125 foragewagon what sold by Deutz-Fahr under the name Deutz-Fahr K8.51 this version is a basic line and has only few features.

To make this foragewagon is FS i used the Schuitemaker rapidly from EuroDZN, thanks for your good work lads! I hope you’ll like my version too.

Things i changed / added on the base model (by EuroDZN):

-higher walls

-edited plan

-higher tailgate

-moving attacher attacher triangle

-netting bulkheads

-another AO


Mister(ious, EuroDZN


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