Deutz Fahr 7250FL v 1.0


Deutz Fahr 7250FL

Basic DF7250

Weight: 14t

Topspeed: It’s a bit slower as the original max. (55kph)/(34mph)

Engnine: About 280HP at 2200RMP

Can use original FS15 front loader

A bit stronger engine brake

Removed front mudguard

Custom color for Tires because multiplayer

Price: 264200

A Day: 234

Log: Singleplayer clean

Server: Same warnings as some original vehicle’s, like: Wheel Loader or T6 and so on.


Urheber: Ist der Publischer der Software und kein Moder.
Original aus FS15 7250 Umbau zwecks Forst / Frontlader etc.
Moder: MeNotU


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