Case Puma 240 CVX Pack new series v 1.0


Case Puma 240 CVX Pack new series

Case Puma 240 CVX pack of the new model range.

This pack contains:

– Puma 240 CVX in red and black
– Rear twin wheels (purchasable)
– Font loader red / black in custom case style

The model and handling have been further refined – as was the sound with slightly
modified sounds by LudmillaPower whom I?d like to thank for giving me the permission!

Door, rear window, sunroof, sunshades are openable via IC.
Further the loader console, front linkage, trailer hitch, oversize warning plates, fenders
and care wheels are also controlled via IC.

Door is also openable from the outside by pressing key [R]

Rear Twin wheels / duals are purchasable.

Lights, hood, various small parts on the inside and outside, drawbar replaced by hitch.
Adjustable rear trailer hitch, box pallets with wheels can be picked up via three point.

Also the tractor now has a passenger script!

All IC states are saved across sessions!


Giants, Timber131, LudmillaPower, Axle by En ÈebuljÈek


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