Case IH Axial Flow 9230 v 4.0


Case IH Axial Flow 9230

Here, the Case IH Axial-Flow 9230 with the cutters Case IH 3162 and Capello Quasar HS16.

Work speed increased to 25 KM / H.
Road speed increased to 51 KM / H.
Capacity increased to 25,000.
Unloading speed increases.
Collision of pipe removed (so that one edge of the field with trees gets no problems).
The script of model eicher (Realistic loading weights) was integrated and placed on 1/100%. So if you already used the mod of eicher model with a different value should not take my mod.


The ZIP file unpack. Then copy the THREE ZIP files in the mod folder.


Giants, Rubberduck2


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