BMW M3 E92 v 2.0


BMW M3 E92

An updated version of the beautiful BMW E92 mod.

Quickly I fell in love with this car When Patrick released it but I found the tendency to snap oversteer at higher speed very frustrating, so I attempted to adjust the handling more to my liking. I hope you’ll find the result of improvement (if not, you can have your money back!). I also spent a bit of time ‘tidying up’ so to speak. Not a huge update By Any Means, but it is my first Forray into modding (if you can call what little I’ve Done ‘modding’), and I’ve learned quite a bit just doing thesis small updates.

Thanks to Patrick and John 🙂

M3 Features:

-colour selectable
-open engine compartment with LMB up / down
-low beam and high beam (wide angle) Headlights
-0 To 100 km / h = 5.4 seconds
-414 Horsepower
-Cost = $ 53,000
-estimated daily upkeep = $ 30


-new performance and handling characteristics
-Interior gauges now correctly indicate car speed, fuel level, and rpm *
-removed trailer hitch (it’s an M3 … If You Want to pull something, get to X5)
-removed HighBeam ‘cones’ (thesis were costing me so fps They had to go)
-fixed flickering license plates
-eliminated ‘green glow’ on door trim, etc
-reduced ‘green glow’ on tailights (this is quietly giving me grief as a reduction will have to do for now)
-new store image, icon and text

* Technically, the rpm is not acurate, but IMO it’s more realistic to see about 4,900 on the gauge Rather Than 8300 When at maximum speed)


-Patrick13—for BMW E92 permission
-clrsjohn—-for BMW logo permission and help
-ModHoster—for mod hosting
-Giants——for the foundation

Previous authors/credits:
-Forza 4
-Giants Software

Previous (V1) release notes:
Many of you will remember from the BMW M3 LS 2013 so I rebuilt it a little and reprogrammed for you so that it works with the LS 2015 and is playable.
Have fun with the BMW !!!


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