Bednar Xerionseed and spray Package v 1.0


Bednar Xerionseed and spray Package

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consisting of a Bednar Omega Direct sowing machine and a Fertibox as fertilizer / herbicide sprayer for the Claas Xerion Saddletrac 3800th

The whole thing should be SoilModReady.

With this package it is possible to sow the seed directly without prior cultivators. With the Fertibox the fields are fertilized equal in one operation serves as a sprayer.

Bednar Omega Direct sowing:

Price: € 78,200

Maintenance: 25 €

neededPower: 250hp

Working width: 15.5m

Capacity 12520 l
seedFruitTypes: wheat rape maize barley grass Sugarbeet potato


fillTypes: fertilizer water fertilizer2 fertilizer3 lime herbicide herbicide2 herbicide3 herbicide4 herbicide5 herbicide6 capacity: 15,800 l

MOD has to be unpacked!




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