Barntner XL Ulw v 3.0


Barntner XL Ulw

For transporting and decanting

(Also fills fertilizers u. Seeding machines when installed as fillType
eg with SeedMaster; not the normal trigger)


Chopped, silage, grass, hay, straw, compound feed, manure, barley, wheat, corn, canola, fertilizers, seeds (seeds, seeds2), lime, wood chips

15500 l / 12987 Price / daily. 16

V 2.0 Complete rebuilding of what has been done:

Completely new Pipe 3-point animation
Tilting again to all sides, rotating pipe for collision avoidance at the right tipping
Pipekollision inserted (caution when extending 😉
Loading provided with sump (top) and piping (bottom)
Cleaned up and fixed minor bugs


Giants, Rosenthaler


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