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Hello you all

After about 4 months of construction, it’s done! Since it is an open beta, there are one or two errors unfortunately still. But nevertheless you can have fun on the map also if one or the other part is not so expanded!

It is a map of my second Home Cochem on the Moselle River in Rhineland-Palatinate. Have gestatelt the height models with Google Earth and now started construction.

Cochem is a small town on a river Moselle. Also very well known is the Burcht.

This map gets a nice XLFarm, as already gewunscht from me, and a beautiful landscape.

In addition to the standard fruit is now: Carrots, Onion, Oat, Cranberry, Hemp, Sunflowers, Sorghun and Feedingbeet

Rotten is be currently disabled.

There are: (New) pig (of Marhu), the cattle barn, cows, sheep, chickens.

Tips, Tricks and feedback are gewunst, nagging can be retained ….

I hope the map’s good Incoming, but as I said this is the BETA and still has a couple of errors fix (please give me the PN feedback.


Marhu, LS2013Modding, Mike, and many others among the stub-me or helped.[wpfilebase tag=file id=1733 /]


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