Woodcut trailer v 1.1 [MP]


Woodcut trailer

Woodcut trailer

Woodcut trailer

Hello dear friends LS13.

Here I offer you my woodcut Krone Emsland to download. It is the standard, but it can now load the woodcut from Forstmod. However, he can only invite woodcut, which is done by design. Exception: If you installed the MutiFruit Mod (has).

How does it work?

You can make and fill the Forstmod and depart for the cogeneration plant it under the Jenz HEM ????.

It can also be put under the sawmill and then depart for the CHP!

Which tractor do I need?

The tractor must not be powerful. Even the Kramer KL 220 ranges from GIANTS. (20 PS)

What mods do I need?

Forstmod beta


GIANTS Software. GmbH


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