ValtraN163 v 2.4 MR


mr-valtran163-ploughtspec-v-2-2mr mr-valtran163-ploughtspec-v-2-2mr1 mr-valtran163-ploughtspec-v-2-2mr2 mr-valtran163-ploughtspec-v-2-2mr3 mr-valtran163-ploughtspec-v-2-2mr4

I have some small error persists,
Unfortunately, the front and the rear hydraulics can not be 100% set for the MoreRealistic.Mod .
I have now spent days trying to get this as much as possible out .
Some Lemken plows too deep , however, are from 7 Shar already too big and too heavy .

A few changes except the MR Konvertigung also exist.

Added :

Lighting Script 3.1 – indicators, hazard lights , reversing light
Dirt – tire tracks first integrated because of the PloughingSpec front only
Twin tires – front, back , front & rear ( here now in addition to not only adds weight, but for twin tires and switched A4WD automatically switched to more grip .
Handbrake – When installed on the M button so that you can ski even in T1 mode.
Slip indicator activated

Toggle NumPad Enter = sets of tires

M = handbrake

I agree with Sebbie and say .. Have fun with this Mod

The mod may not be modified if the credits are called .. but not the scripts, here are copyright with the authors thereof .

If anyone has suggestions regarding the Hydraulic ,
bring it on .
Regards Sebastian ( s4t4n )


Urmodder: DeutzFahr6801234,
Kiro 123
Verbesserungen: Sebbie163
Weitere Verbesserungen
und MR Konvertierung: s4t4n[wpfilebase tag=file id=2659 /]


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