Valtra S353 v 1.0

fsScreen_2013_10_26_19_08_54 fsScreen_2013_10_26_19_08_58 fsScreen_2013_10_26_19_09_07 fsScreen_2013_10_26_19_09_12 fsScreen_2013_10_26_19_09_18 fsScreen_2013_10_26_19_09_23 Mods Management: 8.9-Doubles, num1,2,3turns, 6 rear lights, F-light

Modifications error: does not work turns
Mods include:puts Doubles


Model: XarioN & ValtraN111

Icon of Valtra Valtra (20.1 MiB)
ValtraN111 & XarioN
Ingame: XarioN
Script: Henly20 and Peterj


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