UPK Schweinemast2 v 1.0 [SP]


UPK Schweinemast2

UPK Schweinemast2

UPK Schweinemast2

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Hello, today’s the day so far, my pig has the first test run was passed with me, so that I can provide them for download. It is based on the Universalprocesskit (UPK) of mor2000. (The mod has to be installed).

But first a little Instructions for the pig:

This is a pig! no breeding facility, here pigs are fattened, ie you get when buying a stable with 180 piglets that it applies to fatten battle Reif within 9 days. (baseline 180 days takes the fattening of piglets up for sale as a porker with about 110kg per pig)

This is the big difference to other Game – Schweinemasten.

I’ve tried the best possible way to calculate the values, with the space available on all maps cereals and Erdfruchtsorten. Sorry, there are important food components not included By default (protein-containing varieties of cereals, soya, etc.) (I’m planning in the new version a real ready-mixed feed feeding)

Since the real-time growth for fattening pigs was reduced from weaning to the salable pig on 9 days arise for fattening feeding following values
1800 water 2000 wheat straw 30 30 Maize 18 18 potato sugarbeet 28 forage
growth per unit

On the basis of the available to me, I let 20 Operator growth units per day to develop

The values refer to the feeding of 180 pigs with a growth of 0.8 unit per hour.

I say this to the benchmark of 2.3 Kg (Kg are not liters – in the game are given everywhere liters values) held.

With straw I deliberately extremely briefly the values. Also, the number of liters of water is likely to be much too low when the stall care and nursing pigs would involved …

All level values are displayed in the Game Help menu (F1) and the pigs should be brought pig for sale only at 180. 🙂 (Unfortunately I can not lock which is rather Sold, then it would always just sold the pig in the value specified pigs)

It must be rangekarrt:

80000L straw all 2days
1120L Forage (compound feed) every 2 days
72.000L water every 2 days

The feed silo for corn and wheat by 5400, according to variety, max. Amount because 6000L
The beets and potato storage with 3200L per variety, max. Amount of the camp 4000L

General Notice: If the doors do not open, please download the latest version of the UPK from Github


Idea, Edit, Textures, Ingame: Peter Pech
script: mor2000
obj. Model of the pig: Marhu ( http://www.marhu.net )
Hedge: (LS11) unknown
Giants Software GmbH: conveyor belt, Editor, Game 😉


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