Unimog Rüstwagen

unimog-rustwagen-beta unimog-rustwagen-beta1 unimog-rustwagen-beta2 unimog-rustwagen-beta3 unimog-rustwagen-beta4

Are installed:

  • Own siren scripts
  • Bel 3.1
  • Real flashing lights and
  • Tow scripts (for winch)


  • Compressed air horn: Press H
  • Electro Horn: Press


Modell/Skin Mercedes : C0br4/Giants

Modell: Lenkrad

Modell Aufbau: Emergency 4

Scripte: Sven777b/Stefan Geiger/BlackyBPG/Giants

Icon of Mog RW Mog RW (26.8 MiB)

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