The Old Country v 1.0 Beta


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Welcome to The Old Country Map .
The map was built in very many hours for it , I expect a little respect for my work.
The map I built in 2 months and has some errors , it is still a beta version .
In the following lines I will explain to you the map.
– Mapgröße 190MB
Multi – Fruit
There are all three species present.
There were three new fruits installed rye , oats and sunflower .
The wither is on the why I have not ausbebaut because it breathes more realism.
There are several courtyards available for farming. You will also find on the map :
– a highway
large – Bga with three horizontal silo ‘s
Beet factory
-2 Large forest patches
– A divides the flow of the map
– a stream of live a little on the Map brings
Three villages
Road Traffic Regulations
– Many large and small fields
To mow – Many fields
Praise and criticism are welcome. The log is not error -free and I also do not know how I get the remaining error
to fix . Therefore, I ask for help in resolve .

Thanks to wingi for the release of its buildings and martinbigM500 for its many objects. I will now
not all modders here call but still THANK YOU to you! !

Required Mods:
Map lights Script by Bluebaby210
Multi – Fruit Mod by upsidedown


Katsuo, mailman, martinBig500, Fatian, wingi, eifoik-team, Busensvenne, timber131,
SLJ-AGRAR, maser789, FrankWienberg[GER], Enercon, LS-Landtechnik, TheAgraama, TracMax,
Tobi89, Weltbauer, Manu ya, freak36558, Bluebaby210, Nick98.1, Eribus, TheModdingMonster[wpfilebase tag=file id=2371 /]


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