Small barn


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Here for you my little stable. It is a very small stall with a box.

He regards a functioning lighting which at night and is otherwise a

pure decorative object no function.

It is accessible from the inside and with n-bit Krims Krams of the whole makes little nicer ^ ^

CAUTION: Do not size of the high quenching file! This is because the textures of the whole

Giants Zubehört objects (fan hay, horseshoes, etc.) are also there. If you really want to use it

the paths of course put on the Giants folder to save memory.

The model of the barn alone has about 1000 polys, with all the rest but there are more.


3D Modell Stall/Lampen: MrFox
Texturen Stall/Lampen: MFox/Internet
3D Modelle Zubehör: Giants
Texturen Zubehör: Giants[wpfilebase tag=file id=2114 /]


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