Skin on the ROPA Style v 1.0

skin-im-ropa-style-fur-den-originale-grimme-maxtron-620-rubenroder skin-im-ropa-style-fur-den-originale-grimme-maxtron-620-rubenroder1 skin-im-ropa-style-fur-den-originale-grimme-maxtron-620-rubenroder2 skin-im-ropa-style-fur-den-originale-grimme-maxtron-620-rubenroder4 skin-im-ropa-style-fur-den-originale-grimme-maxtron-620-rubenroder5 skin-im-ropa-style-fur-den-originale-grimme-maxtron-620-rubenroder6

Here I have a ROPA-SKIN, for the Grimme Maxtron 620 from LS13.

You just need the textures on the. Exchange zip folder with those from your folder

The can be found at C: \ Program Files \ Farming Simulator 2013 \ data \ vehicles \ steerable \ grimme




Icon of Ropa Ropa (937.9 KiB)

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