Silage silos with cutting edge v 1.0 [SP]


Silage silos with cutting edge

Silage silos with cutting edge

Silage silos with cutting edge

Jimkerk Presents

First of all: installation requests useless , which must have been at any do it yourself .

Silage silos edtor with cutting edge V1 -to-install with the Giants !

Not placeable .

Knowledge with the Giants editor required 5:03 or higher recommended !


So as I exposed this heap ziehmlich also walked the transmitter I am once made it a little more realistic build silos.

For removal of silage has the next plane a straight cutting edge.

I have the silos for the time being in two versions made so that you may be able obstruct to your hearts content .

Other versions are in Wip geplant.Mehr info area .

Variant 1 large: capacity 2200m3 -> 2200000 liters – > 55 Grossraumsilierwagen 40m3

variant 2 small: capacity 1000m3 -> 1000000 liters – > 25 Grossraumsilierwagen 40m3

Description for installation is in pictures. Hope of course!

Here again in quickly Constitution :

Step1 : Download and Silagesilos_mit_SchnittkanteV1 the archive with winrar / zip unzip in Silagesilos_mit_SchnittkanteV1 .

Step 2 : Your Map with Winrar / zip unzip .

Step 3 : Copy the folder Silagesilos_mit_SchnittkanteV1 in your map folder .

Step 4: Open your Mapi3d with the Giants editor and select the File tab import

Step 5 : Go to the folder Silagesilos_mit_SchnittkanteV1 navigate in your maps folder and select appropriate silos and click Open .

Step6 : Click silo in the scene graph (bottom) and press Ctrl + B .

Step7 : There click on the map hinsoll where the silo ( The surface should be level and have enough space ) . .

Step8 : blue / green fine alignment of the arrows red / (click pull or push ) or via the attributes .

Make sure that the visible silage plane (front the corner under the tarpaulin ) has disappeared into the ground .

Step9 : After orientation map pack speichern.Neu and back into the mods folder.

Step 10 : Start game to test (for test best new game select ) and amount of kontrolieren plan .

If the plane a little from the floor looking step 8-10 repeat .




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