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The silage season can be stressful. For many farmers and contractors, it’s that short window in a whole year when they can make or break their entire next season: will there be enough silage to top off the pit? Will the compaction be sufficient to ensure good fermentation? Reliable, quality equipment can ensure success and allow you to enjoy the harvest from start to finish.

The Silage Equipment package consists of:

– Strimech Multibucket
– Arneuba Silage Compactor
– Grays SGH12 Buckrake
– McHale Blockcutter
– Redrock 12ft Folding Buckrake

– The Strimech Multibucket can be used to load anything from wheat to fertilizer.
– Use the Grays and/or Redrock Buckrake to distribute the grass or silage on your pit.
– The Arneuba Silage Compactor compacts your silage evenly. Requires a 110+ hp tractor.
– Load your diet feeder with the McHale Blockcutter.


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