ShovelMovementFill v 1.0


shovelmovementfill shovelmovementfill1 shovelmovementfill2 shovelmovementfill3

With the ShovelMovementFill mod blades loaded only when properly forward reinfährt with them in the Beladetrigger. The “keeping clean & leave filling up” that has an end.

“Forward” is to be understood from the perspective of the blade here – with a sliding plate installed at the rear of course you have the tractor ride backwards to accommodate material.

This little script is created as part of the development of SiloExtension. Main problem when distributing was here that the silos Childe have ever taken even when reversing more or less uncontrolled material. With this mod you do it only when moving forward. As he makes working with shovels generally a little more realistic, it also results for other trigger blade as dung heap, heaps etc placeable sense. That’s why I put it as a separate mod available.

The mod installed globally in all vehicles / devices with a specific “shovel”.

* Easy to do the zip in the mods folder. Done.
* MP works
* MR from 1.2 still NOT coming in the next version.


Idee/Skript: upsidedown
Tester: bullgore/JakobT
Grafiken: Eribus[wpfilebase tag=file id=3234 /]


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