SaddleTrac 3800 v 1.0 MR Bleck


saddletrac-3800-morerealistic saddletrac-3800-morerealistic-1 saddletrac-3800-morerealistic-2 saddletrac-3800-morerealistic-3 saddletrac-3800-morerealistic-4 saddletrac-3800-morerealistic-5

Here is the new Saddletrac in original finish as mr version

Caterpillar 6- cylinder, turbo
kW / HP at revolutions / min 285/388 at 1800
Maximum speed: 52 km / h
Permanent all-wheel
Washable ( dirttime 2.5 h)
Switchable dual tires , so increased traction compared to standard
Price: 146490
Maintenance : 25 €
! Only has front-wheel drive as the current mr engine no 4- wheel steering support !
Tested with mrEngine version 1.1 and 1.2 on the mr_Wintervalley map


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