Placeable Storage Racks


placeable-storage-racks placeable-storage-racks1

These sturdy storage racks can be used to store wool pallets, bales, loader tools, combine headers, or anything else you care to put on them. There is a “normal” and “reversed” version of each rack, the only difference being the angle of the roof. At $3500 they are an economical choice for organizing your equipment and keeping your farm tidy.

Place the zip in your mods folder and purchase as normal.

Note: For those wishing to use this as a non-placeable map object, unzip the file and place the folder in your mods folder. Import as usual with GE. The modDesc and xml files can be ignored or deleted.

Patch 2.0 required


Scorpion210 for design and construction

Google and Photoshop for the textures

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