Old Family Farm 2013


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 This is a small map based on what an American farm might have been like in the old days. There are 3 small farms on this map. Seed and fertilizer are at all 3 farms.  The main farm is where you will come in at. Farm 2 is where you can raise pigs to sell at the butcher shop in town. Farm 3 is south of town where you can raise sheep for their grade A wool to sell at the Bay Hay N Feed store. There are teleporters located behind the main farm house to get to all the farms and teleporters there to get you back.The main sell point is at the Bay Hay N Feed store. The Saloon in town makes their own refreshments so they need corn, barley, and wheat. There is also a Rail line that comes into town that you can sell your crops at. The dealership is located inside the Hay N Feed store to buy new tractors and implements. The bale sell point is behind the Hay N Feed. You can also purchase grain as well as straw at the feed store. All farms have grass silos to store grass in. The main farm also has a chaff silo for storage as well as a straw barn for storing extra straw. All fields are small in size, so leave them there big new tractors for other maps.

I have tried to make it as detailed as I could and try to keep lag down.. I have tested this map on single player as well as

Multiplayer. I hope you enjoy the map.


Custom labeled PDA map

New field textures

Custom sounds

water mod

pig mod

Blower sounds

Store grass and chaff in American silos.

Straw barn to store your extra straw for later use.

Custom help icons.

Field Status ready.

Be able to purchase crops and straw at the feed store.

error free log.

Fully Multiplayer tested


Special thanks goes out to Alan R. (thebadtouch) for putting up with me constantly making changes and adding new features to the map during the testing phase of the map, Also for making sure the fields are Field Status ready.
Map by rwy22sp
Giants for their great base game.
Start Map by FarmerYip
Old time windmill, farmer textures, corn cob pipe, and water tank: KaosKnite
Distant Hills-Pack V1.0: mailman
old farm house: Model: Daniel Vijoi Textures: Daniel Vijoi In Game- gh2010
WoodenRoadsigns: Thunderace
Flags: Giants, texture edit by rwy22sp
Maison03: duarn
Town Buildings: griffy Texture edits by rwy22sp
US Style Concrete Silage Towers,farm houses,static ducks, : sandgroper
Windmill stock tank: hermit23
10 different hedge: spider100 and johan12
Fuel pump: VolvoT22
Railroad (pack): ar1g3, IDW
outhouse: Ingolf
Manure pit: (part of Manuel’s manure pit)
water plane: Luke159 and Sandgroper
Farm buildings and objects: NI Modding
American dairy barn: Axel of Sweden
small power poles: GhillieSniper
milk colection point: firststep
old brick barn: Kolbenfresser
Old Dairy: ZeFir, Konwert, Barsi97
Chicken coop and straw barn: Konwert: Mafia573
Custom help icons: FSM: Bluebaby210 , model eicher , Fiat80 – 90DT and webalizer
Old lights: 3D Model: MrFox, TheAgraama, Textures: MrFox, TheAgraama,Ingame: MrFox
Pig mod, Water mod, and scripting, by Marhu
Multiplayer tested by, modelbuilder47, and rwy22sp.

Beta testers: thebadtouch,ddversatile, modelbuilder47, and rwy22sp.[wpfilebase tag=file id=561 /]


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