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Hi LS community,

Today I have a walk-in lookout tower for you! I had seen a fairly equal Tower on a map , which , however, was not well received by the textures etc. . Because I simply recreated it in a similar form .

What is special about this mod ?

You can push the zip file directly into the modfolder , then he can be placed , but then the telescopes without function.

Or you unpacked it and builds it with the GE 5.0.3 into your map , then the telescopes have function. You can look through and it will be € 5 deducted from the account ! ( The price I have not fixed. Must have come across a standard script) .

There are no entries in the MODDESC for the function required! Was at least for me that way.

I tried to get him added to scale and in reality the viewing platform is expected to be at about 32m height.

In my case the log is error free !

I wish you much fun with it !


Modname: Aussichtsturm
Autoren: Schwaki[112TEC]
Datum: 12/2013
3D-Modell: Schwaki[112TEC]
Münzfernrohr (Giants)[wpfilebase tag=file id=1772 /]


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