NG 1632


ng-1632 ng-16321 ng-16322 ng-16323 ng-16324 ng-16325

Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

Type: truck

Production period: from: 1973 to: 1988

Axles: 2 or 3

Power: from: 95 to: 320 kW, from 130 to 435 hp

Gross vehicle weight (kg): 26,000 kg 10,000


Harry Modding
Scania Power ( für die freigabe auf seinen ScaniaR560 aufbauen zu dürfen)
Uhrmodell : GTS
Konvertierung zu LS13: harry modding
Skinn : Harry Modding
Original Credits aus GTS:
– Ventures87 – Truck, Wheels, Convert
– Drivter – Antriebswelle, Motor, Sattelplatte
– Scarface – Benz Stern, Infos, Tips[wpfilebase tag=file id=427 /]


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