New map v 2,2


mr_new_map_by_erlan10 mr_new_map_by_erlan101 mr_new_map_by_erlan102 mr_new_map_by_erlan103 mr_new_map_by_erlan104 mr_new_map_by_erlan105 mr_new_map_by_erlan106

Standard culture + sunflower, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, luk.Otklyucheno rotting crops. Additional mission: water, transportation cows milk export cars. Present car wash equipment. Starting equipment is present. Traffic Transport and peshehodov.S map loader is Amkador (MoreRealistic) (wheat barley rape maize chaff grass fertilizer manure seeds pisek sand onion carrot kale tomato potato sugarbeet). Archive before installing unpack. For game version 2.0 and higher. Enjoy the game!


(MoreRealistic)(wheat barley maize rape fertilizer chaff grass manure seeds pisek sand carrot onion wirsingkohl tomato potato sugarBeet). ????!!!
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