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This camp has been created according to the modular principle. You will find in it a single stock that you can put together at will again and again. There is also in a double bearing . Also, this can always be put back together. To achieve the loading surface , there is a piece ramp. This can also be arbitrarily set to one another. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to approach the camp from a mountain or directly from the flat surface .

The camp ( both simple and double) provides a loading surface , designed as a grid . From there, the material passes through a ” slide” into the storage container . The charging takes place by means of a tube. All these details are of course much better to understand the images.

The installation must be made by the GE ‘s . Furthermore, both the trigger for the unloading and loading must be set , because you can decide independently , for which fruit you want to use the camp at all . For this choice are the following Plan Baupack available: barley , green wheat , maize , carrot , oat , rape , rice , rye , soybean , sunflower , triticale and wheat.

I wish you much fun with the mod


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