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 ** Description **

With the help of this application you can easily change the path to the moddirectory and turn mods on and off individually. Futhermore you can compare you local mods with the ones on dedicated servers and download them automaticly if needed.

** How to use it **

Starting from the situation that the program is started for the first time:

– Change directory:

1. Put mods into the new directory request

2. Start ModCommander

3. Via the “…” button select the new directory; Set Active checkbox

4. Press save

– Turn mods on and off

1. Select your mod directory (If you want to use default, simply do not set the checkbox “Active”)

2. If necessary, press the “Refresh”

3. Select a mod in the a list

4. Click “Enable” and “Disable” to turn mods on and off

** Notes **

This software is provided “as is”. You use it at your own risk.

I publish this program only on

You need the. NET Framwork 3.5. Windows XP users must download and install this manually:

** ModCommander in your language? **

If you like to translate ModCommander, please contact me at modhoster:

** Credits **

I used the following 3rd-party librarys:

– Tango Icon Library

– DevIL:

– #ziplib:

TabControl: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (CodeProject)

A big THANKS goes to:

– dangeon (Italian translation and test)

– camberman, ZeParker07 (French translation)

– yqtronto (Spanish translation)

– meyer123 (Test LS11-Support)

– Daniel2014 (Test Download)

** Changelog **


Check for mod updates and download them.


– Fix: column width in the detail window hasn’t been initialized correctly.

– Fix: A few italian translations added

– Fix: Path selection info hide and show in the start dialog doesn’t workproperly

– New translations: French and Spanish

– New icon

– Mods can enabled and disabled in detailsview

– Auto refresh if “show names” state changes

– Detail dialog shows no in which savegame you purchased the mod

– No matter which list you click on, you can always loop the full list in detail dialog

– Performance improved

– Fixed a few minor bugs

– Improved frensh translation (Merci ZeParker07)


– Bugfix: ModCommander was leaving temporary data

– You can now loop through your mod collection while staying in details-window

– LS11 support added

– New style

– When a zip file containing several modDesc.xml, the mod could not be shown in the detail view. Display the name was not possible, too.

– Mods are now sorted alphabetically by name if the option “Display Name” is active

– Alternative path to gameSettings.xml will be saved now

– Dialog which shows the Modcommander and the LS13 logfile

– New buttons for disabling or enabling all mods in the list

– A few bugfixes

– A few improvement for italian translation

– Language files can contain unicode characters

– Added italian translation

– New column “Description” in detail view. Additionally he author, the modDesc file version and the multiplayer status is displayed.

– Performance: Only unpacking requiered files and complete cleaning up the TEMP directory

– The mod name is displayed in the main view. Could be disabled if performance is bad

– Display item count of the mod lists

– Added multilangue support (german and english)

– The order browser now always starts at the last selected directory

– The lists are arranged vertically

– The window is now resizable (lists grow correspondingly)

– If no mods were found in the directory, its shown in the list.[wpfilebase tag=file id=2894 /]


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