MIG Map MadeinGermany Celle Region v 0.88 Beta Fix


adsasadsa asd asddsadsa mig-map-madeingermany-region-celle sad sdsaTable of contents (Please read shortly!)

1: Preface
2: Story
3: Integrated mods
4: Keyboard Layout
5: Technical Specifications
6: Additional download files, list fields, save games and tutorials
7: Content other versions
8: Known Bugs
9: Recommended Mods
10: WIP project thread, your feedback and Fehlermelungen
11th Modding
12: savegames
13: update history

1: Preface

Another ending story of my hand … After over a year of construction and several hundred hours I’ve sunk into the project, I can 04/2013 rich with joy the beta version of my MIG Map MadeInGermany Celle region you today. 1,600 acres area with over 700 acres of arable land spread over 120 fields are available for purchase for just under ‚ā¨ 30 million ready.

Have begun in January 2012 to digitize my home with appropriate templates from Google Earth. Starting today, you can test and give feedback times properly use the map ..

‘ve Now seen almost every square meter determined three times already ūüôā and I know the reality here, I’m a little unhappy because I often got done as it really is and the differences bother me … Clearly you will all be so noticeable because the area is not here you do not know, so you have to believe in it and now beta testing, because the project will still be here as my other never finished and there is a bunch of other versions.

I tried to make the map as performant as possible. Therefore, there is no Collis and no 3D Huge forests.

2: Story

Unfortunately, Bauer Hansen passed away … You have now successfully manage court further object Hansen. At the beginning you get Hansen’s average fleet, buildings and a few animals. You are about 20 fields (the same who operates the farm and in real terms). The aim is to run the business successfully and to acquire all the lands to the value of ~ 25 million euros.

The goal is to pay back the loan and buy all the fields on the map. The total investment is expected to be with new machines at about 35 million euros at the end.

Have tried to make the map as performant as possible. Therefore, there are no collisions.

The Mapobjekte etc. Can you cannibalize like and use as long as you do not forget the credits.

I wish you lots of fun times on the Map

3: Integrated mods

– Fox slurry tanker, suitable for water

– Wassermod for cows

– Waterworks, you can pick up water

– Slurry interim storage, the trigger can be loaded and unloaded

– Claas Mega 218 Drescher Pack Washable

– Pig and butcher

4: Keyboard Layout

Time Fast Forward :

Accelerate in the first-person -time key R

GPS Mod:

Switching : LCtrl + KP 0
Vehicle GPS align : LCtrl + KP Enter
Enable steering : LCtrl + W
Manually increase working width : LCtrl + KP Plus
Manually reduce working width : LCtrl + KP minus
Offset manual left / right: LCtrl high or Ctrl + picture + picture down
Invert Offset: LCtrl + LShift
Offset to zero : LCtrl + high + picture picture down
Switch LS11/L13er-Winkelverhalten : LCtrl + KP 1
Take GPS profile from the nearest vehicle : LCtrl + KP 2
Working width and offset automatically determine : LCtrl + KP 3
GPS Display Mode switch : LCtrl + KP ,
Put GPS profile ( save) : LCtrl + KP *
Calling GPS profile (load) : LCtrl + KP /

5: Technical Specifications

    Construction LS11 +13 over 500 hours See ( W.I.P )
1600 hectares of total ~ 700 HECTARE arable land
~ 351MB VRam
Textures 2156
Textures size ~ 207mb
Triangles 11,277,963
8547305 vertices
Rendered VB 24846
Objects 751
MAP I3D 4.3 MB
Zip mods incl ~ 134MB

6: Additional download files, list fields, save games and tutorials

– A list box with price and acres in Office format (enclosed)

– A PDA image assign the building (included)

– A current savegame with fill levels for beta testing (included), can be started from version 0.73 without a savegame, you always start a new game with an average fleet and about 20 fields.

7: Planned for the next version

  • ¬†¬†¬† Village 2 and Village 3 expand with real farms and houses
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†“All” textures are not changed, of objects and fruits, etc.
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Real buildings and entire villages
  • ¬†¬†¬† Economic cycle
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†New beet factory
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Delineators
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†More 3D trees, hedges. Details held for Panorama
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Purchasable BGA, manure storage
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Removing signs
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Chicken coop
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Real big apiary in village 4
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Real nursery
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Other types of fruit
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Wood ForstMod
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Verodorren disabled (done from v0.71)
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Crap interim storage
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†Everything else will give it to good features

8: Known also optical errors

This is a beta , so there is no “guarantee” for cross-version working savegames . Compatibility issues with other mods are also not excluded.

– Straw bales are difficult to intersperse
– Futternischwerk makes optical problems in MP
– Check all the roads and paths Grass
– WasserMod please remove from your modfolder is indeed permanently installed . Otherwise, you possibly fault with the plane
– Mapviewer and Courseplay can bite
– You have an update to the map in your existing save game Grass in new halls or the dirt roads are still too wide ? Problem is , the grass is stored in your savegame file where the grain is so there. If I change something in the grass on the map, you can see that only when you start a completely new game . There are M√∂flichkeit to take over the ” recent Grass” in your savegame , but to their needs certain end levels in dealing with the GRLE converter and an image editing program . They would have to delete all the old grass savegame and copy over from the most recent Map the grass . A more detailed instructions, I will write …

A little tip for bad bugs ingame:

Modfolder empty and only the mods from the pack inside. Then delete the inputBinding.xml and then the shader cache folder, the two of them re-create at game start. Are in the same folder as your modfolder.

If you still have problems then available, please post here in the error log collection

9: Recommended Mods


    Mapviewer Modhoster * can * bite under certain circumstances with courseplay
MapHoseRefStation Eifok team * so * Contest Zuhammer works
DustWheels Eifok team * so * Contest Zuhammer works
Real Lights * so * Eifok team contest Zuhammer works

Multifruit Maschines * FSM * http://uploaded.net/file/mmd3gwtf

10: WIP project thread, your feedback and Bugreport

“Here are the complete never-ending story”
In the logbook entry “error collection” you can write something even notice. Please do not discuss in the comment section problem here.

11: Modding:

– One should possibly adjust the fuel consumption of the machines on the map. 0.0018″>As a rough template we have missed the Fendt 936 following xml entry. <fuelUsage> 0.0018 </ fuelUsage>

12: Savegame:

– Your savegames should continue to run, but it is possible that your silage silos and manure silos are empty because I have changed this.

– As of v0.73 you can also start without savegame and have machinery and fields.

– As of v0.75 you should in your savegame folder, delete the following files: tree.grle xxxgrowthState.xml delete all files and shortGrass_weight. Thus you have the current growth periods and there are no trees in certain halls.

With a few tricks you can but your savegame data and statistics always save and take over. But the description is some basic knowledge ahead, and is useful for example the program notepade + + for a better overview.

3 with the most relevant files in the savegame folder are careerSavegame.xml / economy.xml / vehicles.xml, all important settings here are available virtually.

– Career savegame: Here you can see in the second line as some adjust as Money / Money and much more, statistics, game time, etc., Google will certainly help you because what meaning. Below you will find your Farmsilo levels, you can easily 50,000 times purely cheating in wheat ūüėČ Manure and liquidManure have to my knowledge no longer function in LS13, since these values are now in the vehicles.xml.

– Economy.xml: Here are example eure Feldbesitzt√ľmer gespeichert, am Ende jeder Feldzeile kann man von “false” auf “true” stellen, somit geh√∂rt euch das Feld nach dem Spielstart.”>stored below the line <fieldOwnage> your field possessions at the end of each field line can be from “false” to “true” position, so yours is the field after the game starts.

– Vehicles.xml: Here all your machines, including statistics are stored as hour meter, fuel consumption, etc., and also the silo filling levels are stored here. If you get something dealt with it, it is a light of its machines a savegame to the other transfer, because it bothers me personally if you ever lose its miles and hours of operation.

Then there’s the fruit_density.grle, here all your fruit varieties are saved, the file can be converted by GRLE Converter into one. Png and replant with an image editing program quickly fields. The same applies to the cultivator_density.grle, here your plow, cultivator, saturated textures are stored, so where what is on which field.

You can also unzip the map, fruit_density.grle danndie from your savegame in the MAP01 copy and overwrite the existing folder, then hull lances in the editor as desired, and then save the fruit_density.grle pack out of the MAP01 folder in your savegame folder.


Who wants to have a savegame with new narrow swaths, fruits, etc., must convert the Giants GRLE converter its fruit_density.grle AND cultivator_density.grle from the savegame to the PNG file.

Then increase the size of the PNG image to 8192 x 8192, depending on the image editing program you have to watch that is not extrapolated wrong, then you have almost rape or so instead of standing wheat. After the size change simply unzip the map somewhere back and throw the converted. Png files in the folder MAP01. Then delete the folder in MAP01. Grle files because the editor always. Grle einliesst files first.

Then open the map with the Giants Editor, save once, and you now have the new folder in MAP01 fruit_density.grle AND cultivator_density.grle. This easy to pack in the savegame folder and you have your save game with new textures narrow. Unpacked map can then be deleted.

31.08.2013 v0.85 SAVE GAME CRASH

Backup your old V0.80 Map and Savegame before do the installation of v0.85.
It may be that the save games will not work with the updates . Man , this
But save , you have to go to the Vehicle.xml and everything after the last
Eintrag bis zur letzten Zeile l√∂schen.”></ vehicle > entry to the last line </ careerVehicles > Delete .
Thus, although all silo and livestock will be deleted , but the map should now run .
After the start of a time save and theoretically you can get your old levels
etc. transferred from your backup. You should only slightly before tipping silo into yours, so that you know what portion
in the XML for e.g. the middle Bga silo .

You can also delete your vehicle completely , only then all machines are gone.

13: update history:


V0.88 Changelog:

– Farm1 cowshed against free playpen exchanged ( transitional )
– Farm1 pig shed built ( now 4 on the map )
– Farm2 Buyable , shelter for machinery and sheep
– Farm3 Buyable , shelter for machines and chickens
– Farm4 Buyable , recreated in the northwestern village with Seedstorage and cattle fattening
– Farm5 Buyable , extended with Seedstorage and pig
– Installed weeds
– Purchasable objects such as BGA , yards etc.
– Ball Hall built autostack with crane for Arcusin ( Acting )
– Multifarmsilo installed. Now Hof 4 and 5 have their own silo storage for grain
– Pig V2 fitted with animated pigs
– Conveyor V2 installed at feed stores and stables
– All fields revised for straight edges
– Fixed feed mixing plant lua
– More 3D trees and detail objects
– Asked street texture of bright
– Revised roadside terrain
– Roadside revised Grass Planting
– Some new textures fruit – forgotten plants
– Revised PDA Hof1 house and rewritten
– Replaced almost all dummy houses and villages expanded
– Fixed more problems with speed on roads
– Waterworks tank model stripped away and enlarged trigger
– Mud hole small field 1
– Manure, Liquid manure, Kalk v2
– Balance the time being disabled
– Adjusted feed mixing plant capacity
– adapted textures of houses and farms
– Fixed l10n error machines, mixing station
– Current station built for Zuhammer Contest
– Fixed Fsm mill slurry and manure sales trigger
– Wind has been disabled in trees , shrubs , Short Grass
– Growth times 5 days per stage , clover and alfalfa 2 days
– Green manure clover and alfalfa installed and award greatly reduced , grown in 3 days
– Swath sight set to 375 meters since no xxxdistance.png works on 4 Trade Map

РOptional  Mods :

*  MultiMowing

*  Map Buyable Object Mod


Map Neubau
by Bullgore www.modhoster.de

KretersIsland, Pille, Illuminated, www.LSportal.nl, Tessmann85, FSM, Flymaster, Marc85, ZeFir_POLAND, Eribus,???

Skydancer, Marhu,SFM, Sven777b, Blacky_BPG, Upsidedown, modportal, JakobT, Moor, ???

Maurus, Shangri66, Tornado,TLS, Kubo, Pille, PsYcHoRiPpEr , ???[wpfilebase tag=file id=1048 /]


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