Massey Ferguson 830 v 1.0 MR [MP]


Massey Ferguson 830

Massey Ferguson 830

Massey Ferguson 830

Villeicht remembers one or the other of my Additional vintage package, this contains not only three tugs and a Massey Ferguson 830 combine harvester. Well I got back loss on these Drescher, but since I him back in Sketch Up (and without AO) have built course I had to first invest a bit of work …

The Thresher was revised, he got a AO and the 3D model was revised further new wheels and Animated pulleys have been added. The engine of the combine was built.

Ingame, the Thresher not many special features, it offers:


-Animated pulleys (Left side drive, Right Side Permanent)

-Animated Schneidwerksaushebung (About wheel)

-Realistic Exhaust Particle System

But it looks simple even you say I wish you much fun with it.


3D Modell: MrFox, Giants, Jughaid, Hawk2.7, unbekannt
Texturen: MrFox, Giants, Jughaid,, unbekannt
Scripte: Giants, MR.X, modelleicher, Sven777b, unbekannt
Ingame, Bau u.s.w. : MrFox
Sounds: Giants, TLS-Mods :: Portal

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