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Map is created in small/medium machine, just in time for Ursusy and Bison, but also Claas’y and John Deere’y. Here’s what the map contains:

* 1 one farm
* 19 fields ( small and medium) , almost all of them have an irregular shape ,
* Manure v2
* Pouring cereals ,
* Purchase of cereals & potatoes and beets,
* Seeds & fuel,
* Feeding and turn down the cows in the barn ,
* All buildings have a collision ,
* Mod of water for cows ( you only need to buy a barrel of water ) ,
* Scooping water from a hydrant an farm
* Uneven terrain ( hills , hills , valleys)
* The stream ,
* Wildflowers road
* Purchase and straw bales on the farm ,
* File size 576 KB map.i3d a KB,
* Weight maps together with the necessary mods : 148.41 MB,
* The rest see for yourself … :)

After downloading the file, extract it, and move the files after unpacking the mods folder.Map requirespatch 2.0.


-Ner3ida for special assistance at the map.
-GoldFox for great buildings!
-And all others who contributed to the map’s release :)
Author: [email protected]

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