Lizard Type 20


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this is my Lizard Type 20 vintage tractor, of the late 20s.
Its an fictional tractor, so don`t try to find informations about the real example.

What has been changed in the V 2?:
-Added some Details at the model
-Fixed the texture problem on the radiator grill
-Added changeable tires
-Changed seat+steering wheel position
-Added “logo” on the eninge covering

The functions are:
-You can open the engine covers
-Steering animation
-Engine is animated
-The driveshaft from the gearbox to the axle is animated
-You can show the crank
-Adjustable idle
-Real exhaust script
-Changable Tires

Greetings from germany, yours sincerely, MrFox.


Model: MrFox, andre seifert, Giants, unbekannt, JS39, Timber131, Jughaid, FS-UK Modteam, Farmari99
Scripts:MrFox, Giants, modelleicher, Sven777b, xentro, MR. X
Sounds: Youtube, Giants
Textures: MrFox, Giants, Timber131, Jughaid, Farmari99, FS-UK Modteam

Dowload: Lizard Type 20


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