Lamborghini Grand Prix 75 target v1.1 MR

lamborghini-grand-prix-75-target-v1-1-mr_1 lamborghini-grand-prix-75-target-v1-1-mr_5 lamborghini-grand-prix-75-target-v1-1-mr_6 lamborghini-grand-prix-75-target-v1-1-mr_7 lamborghini-grand-prix-75-target-v1-1-mr_9 lamborghini-grand-prix-75-target-v1-1-mr_11

-Year: 1995
Transmission: 40/40 speed transmission
-Fuel tank capacity: 70 liters

IC Controlled (doors, windows)
Lenses (Real Lights)
Work light
-More Realistic Mod
Swing axle
-Height adjustable hitch on Num8 / 7
-Foldable Front Linkage on the 6 key
Co-driver scripts
Hand Animation
A big thank you goes to Player1 for the release of the Lamborghini model and MB 3D Modeling for front loader
The mod should not be placed on other sites for DL!


Model und Textur Lamborghini: Player1
Hauer Fronthydraulik Modder: Player1
Hauer Fronthydraulik aus Deutz D06 Pack
Lenkanimation: Lechu und Aranea
Frontlader Model und Textur: MB 3D Modelling

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