Kroger HKD 402 Agroliner


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So people here is my ” Agroliner Kroger HKD 402 V1.0 ” . The model is complete . newly built and has nothing to do with all the other models.

I tried as much detail as possible but had to miss him a lot because he renounce and already has a lot of polys. The side panels including front sight and interlocks of single board walls are animated. It works fine with ” ToggleTipSide ” and ” alternativetipping ” together .

The trailer was launched in MP were examined in detail and left a clean log.

He has now ( today was changed 15/11/2013 from me ) a payload of 18t and you can load it with the following ,

<fillTypes fruitTypes=”grass_windrow wheat rape maize barley chaff potato sugarbeet manure fertilizer forage seeds silage”/>


Modell/Textur/ingame: Lindemann

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