KRATYTUVAS PTU 6 0 14B v 1.0

laumetris-kratytuvas-ptu-6-0-14b laumetris-kratytuvas-ptu-6-0-14b1 laumetris-kratytuvas-ptu-6-0-14b2 laumetris-kratytuvas-ptu-6-0-14b3 laumetris-kratytuvas-ptu-6-0-14b4 laumetris-kratytuvas-ptu-6-0-14b5

Rotating all Cardans

moving conveyor

Walking cylinders

Running lights

Manure shaking animation

Clean the log file


Model: Giedrius
Textures: Giedrius
Script: Giedrius
Modmens team

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