KamAZ 65115

fsScreen_2013_11_09_20_06_23 fsScreen_2013_11_09_20_06_30 fsScreen_2013_11_09_20_07_32 fsScreen_2013_11_09_20_07_49 fsScreen_2013_11_09_20_08_11 fsScreen_2013_11_09_20_10_05Mods Management:
Once I’ve got sitting around,
7 9 opens a door.
Modifications error: I did not notice
Mods include:
Realistic textures
Animated spill
Capacity 18t,
Carries: Genuine + sunflower crops,


Модель: Lexan
Отредактировал модель: JAWA
Текстуры: JAWA, Lexan
Реализация в FS2013:ANDREI1994

Icon of KamAZ65115 KamAZ65115 (28.7 MiB)

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