Joskin Euro Liner 22500 TGA V 2.0


joskin-euroliner-22500-tga (1) joskin-euroliner-22500-tga (2) joskin-euroliner-22500-tgaI hereby would like to ask you, my Joskin Euro Liner 22500 TGA available. I only umgeskinnt him, thanks to Mister(iou) for the provision of the Light-Maps.

No errors in the log!

Description in shop:

This is a Joskin Euro Liner 22500 TGA. Thanks to Mister-ious Modding Industry for the provision of the Light-Maps.

Log errors were also eliminated.

Credits: Mister-ious Modding Industry | Luke / LSW | 930Tommy

Have fun with the mod;)

support via PN!

Mister-ious Modding Industry

Mister-ious Modding Industry

Mister-ious Modding Industry


Mister-ious ModdingIndustry | Lukas/LSW | 930Tommy[wpfilebase tag=file id=3560 /]


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