John Deere S690i

john-deere-s690i-pack-s690i-635r-612c-trailer john-deere-s690i-pack-s690i-635r-612c-trailer1 john-deere-s690i-pack-s690i-635r-612c-trailer2 john-deere-s690i-pack-s690i-635r-612c-trailer3

John Deere S690i

John Deere 635R  (switchable from normal type to sunflower type)

John Deere 612C (corn)

John Deere  cutter trailer

wheat, rape, maize, barley, oat, rye, dinkel, millet, sunflower, hemp, mohn

100% MP – OK

a lot of special functions:
mirrors (on/off function)
grain tank alarm sound – sound at 80% of grain tank (NSMT script)


NONSTOP server mod team

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