John Deere 8R

fsScreen_2013_10_26_13_15_59 fsScreen_2013_10_26_13_16_06 fsScreen_2013_10_26_13_16_15 fsScreen_2013_10_26_13_16_24 fsScreen_2013_10_26_13_16_31 fsScreen_2013_10_26_13_16_57Mods Management:
* IC management;
* 2 – Emergency;
* 1 – left corner;
* 3 – Body right turn;
* 7 – Doubles rear;
* 6 – weights (forward wheels)

Mods errors:
I did not notice.

Mods include:
The dust from the wheels;
There plowing modes;
Puts Doubles;
Puts on a rear wheel weights



Icon of JohnDeere 8360R V2 JohnDeere 8360R V2 (27.8 MiB)

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