John Deere 8370R v 1.0 [MP]


John Deere 8370R

John Deere 8370R

his is the new John Deere 8370R

Power rating with IPM (97 / 68EC) 298 kW (405 hp)

Motor torque at 1,600 U / min1685 Nm

Maximum flow rate of Hydraulikpumpe321 l / min

Tag: VMV Modding, chris cold

Edit: JDFan, chris cold

Ingame price = € 385,500

Flash = F

Press light = F long

Front work light 1 = 1x Num5

Work Light Front 2 = 2x Num5

Rear work light Num = 6

Radgewichte = 2x button 5


Umbau: VMV Modding,chrisiKALT
Edit: JDFan,chrisiKALT


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