Irrigation pack v 1.0


irrigation-pack-placeable-pipe-irrigator-irrifrance-optima10364 irrigation-pack-placeable-pipe-irrigator-irrifrance-optima10363 irrigation-pack-placeable-pipe-irrigator-irrifrance-optima10362 irrigation-pack-placeable-pipe-irrigator-irrifrance-optima10361 irrigation-pack-placeable-pipe-irrigator-irrifrance-optima1036

How to use it:

  • For the transport, you must attach the trolley to the support using NUMPAD 2.
  • You have to dettach the trolley before turn the reel.
  • You can unfold the safety devices using touch X.
  • You can turn to right or to left the reel using the mouse left clic and moving right-to left or left-to right.
  • To unreel use NUMPAD 9
  • To reel use NUMPAD 7
  • The capacity is volontary very low (100 liters), so you have to place near the irrigators an irrigation pipe (contain a fertilizer trigger) available in this pack (Placeable mod).
  • To spray, you need to fill the irrigator using touch R, activate the spray using B, and you must use touch R again to refill the irrigator as same time it spraying.


  • pipe diameter = 110 mm
  • pipe maximum lengh = 400 meters.
  • Capacity = 100 liters
  • Spray usage = 10 liters/seconde

One bug was already discovered with this mod:

There is not compatible with the GuelleMistMod, i’m looking for this issue to solve it!


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