Huerlimann pack


huerlimann-pack huerlimann-pack2 huerlimann-pack3 huerlimann-pack4 huerlimann-pack5 huerlimann-pack6

I had actually made this pack only for me but to ask some buddies of mine I’ve uploaded it here.

Same as before the first nagging you go: this has been private for me and therefore not pefeckt no stupid Comentars.

This is to the originals Huerlimann, I only slightly increased the weight of the Tracktors gegeben.Ansonsten him and he has a bit more traction or the pack no other frills.

It is of course not just one but six in the colors: green and white, gray, blue, (Claas green), red and orange.


dies ist mein mod , es war der orginale Huerlimann von giants .
ich habe ihn ins spiel geholt und etwas umgestaltet.[wpfilebase tag=file id=211 /]


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