Fuel consumption adjustment v 4.1.7 Standard MR


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Fuel consumption adjustment | Fuel Adjust Advanced | FAA
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This mod installs itself into all motorized vehicles and takes over the entire fuel calculation.

This mod with any of the Hagenstedt Modified 2013 use , there
he is already integrated !

The original fuelAdjustV2 (by TwistedGA ) served as a kind of incentive and was initially edited by me only and expanded until I decided to make a completely separate scripts from it , so it works a little differently.
FAA takes all scripts which affect the fuel consumption from the work , and that without these must be changed!
It calculates the consumption also no longer (such as the original fuelAdjustV2 ) based on the speed but only after the speed , or at MoreRealistic based on engine load , thus an idle adjustment also has an effect on the idle consumption.

================================================== =========
Use of the mods in the game
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In the game nothing has to be set , this mod works independently.

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Features at a glance
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Fuel consumption is started at idle once the engine ( Recommendation: Use a Manual Ignition Script)
AI drivers (helper , Course Play) also consume fuel
increased fuel consumption as soon as it is turned on wheel
increased fuel consumption when Plf├╝ge , cultivators seeders or lowered (ground contact ) are drawn (only while driving)
increased fuel consumption when seeders , balers, loading trailers, spreaders , in short: powered devices are powered on ( when devices are turned on )
increased fuel economy in threshing (once threshing / cutting unit is turned on)
increased fuel consumption when charge is drawn ( filled trailer ) , also supports such as: Dumper trucks , consumption depends on the level of the entire charge , also acts on 3 followers more than just a filled (only while driving)
Graphical display of the current consumption and the average consumption (stored in savegame )

Note: Other scripts which affect fuel consumption ( the original Giants – scripts) are completely undermined by the FAA as the original fuel consumption from the FAA is set to 0 . This was necessary to avoid an excessive consumption by the interacting of different scripts. However, it is still in the set of vehicle XML Kraftsoffverbrauch ( fuelUsage ) used as a basis for the calculation.

The display can be divided into several stages Hide the F1 key , the sequence looks like this :

Help window visible , Hud visible
Help window is not visible , Hud visible
Help window visible , Hud NOT visible
Help window NOT visible Hud NOT visible
again everything visible , starting from the front


Ursprungsidee: TwistedGA[wpfilebase tag=file id=2919 /]


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