Fortuna FTA 200


Fortuna FTA 200

Fortuna FTA 200 by RF-Landtechnik and Tls Modding

Thanks again to Big Farmer and Farmer Lindemann for the releases!

The trailer has been completely redesigned, all Plan were readjusted, ShaderTipping installed, new lighting scripts, grid renewed by the carriages and taillights and grill, warning signs attached, installed new animated connecting cables (by Bauer Lindemann), renewed labeling, revised work lights, Dirt Skin by Tls, washable, Multi Fruit ready.


whea,t maize, barley, rape, potato, sugarBeet, chaff, sunflower, forage, forage mixing, wheat windrow, barley windrow, silage, manure, fertilizer, seeds, woodChip, kalk, grass, grass windrow


Modell : BigFarmer
Hydraulik : Lindemann and RF-Landtechnik
Edit : RF-Landtechnik and Tls Modding


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