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Of the key , which can be changed in the settings – management are determined by two groups:

Myself – For a player driving a car :

RIGHT CTRL + F = Start / stop after the car , which is in front ( if possible).
RIGHT CTRL + W / S = Decrease / increase following distance.
RIGHT CTRL + A / D = Adjust the left / right when, after displacement .

Behind – For a car that was watching me ( if any) :

RIGHT SHIFT + F = Stop follower.
RIGHT SHIFT + W / S = Decrease / increase follower distance for me.
RIGHT SHIFT + A / D = left Adjust the follower / right bias .

Note: Each set of key actions need to use the same modifier key!

You will notice that when loading a new map or saved game , vehicles are not placed enough ” crumb trail ” for other vehicles to follow. So remember to ride the leading car for some distance before the creation of the follower vehicle.

To perform some vehicles , specify your own vehicle towards him and press onset (RIGHT CTRL + F).

If there is no “trace crumbs ” can be found , or the vehicle has to be another warning will appear and you will either have to move a little further along the way / back, or change , to follow another car .

To stop the next , press the same action again (RIGHT CTRL + F).

Distance and displacement

Subsequent distance can be set using the RIGHT CTRL + W / S. You will notice that the distance is not measured in meters , and the ” invisible crumb trail” units. Also note that vehicles that do not have traffic collision triggerboxes can not be installed closer than a distance of 2 pc.

Left / right offset is set using the RIGHT CTRL + A / D. – But ! The offset is calculated from the following that the first vehicle in the convoy , that is the leader , passed .

P.S Transfer through

Update to version 0.77 :
Update for vehicle with feature MOREREALISTIC ”

Requires patch 2.0 and MoreRealistic Mod.



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