FillTypeOverlays v 0.3


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This script adds overlays (hud icons) for a total of 21 fill types. The overlays have been standardized so they match Giants’ default fill type overlay style.

Included are overlays for the following fill types:

  • apple
  • beef
  • carrot
  • cherry
  • fertilizer
  • fuel
  • kohlrabi
  • liquidManure
  • manure
  • milk
  • oat
  • onion
  • pea
  • pig
  • rye
  • soybean
  • spinach
  • strawberry
  • sunflower
  • tomato
  • water

Please note that this script does not add the fruits to your map. It simply ‘installs’ the hud icons for existing fruit/fill types.


Copy the archive to your mods folder.

Adding additional icons

You can easily add your own icons. Create the icon (256px x 256px, DXT5 transparent DDS, no mip-maps), name it exactly as the fillType’s ingame name – i.e. liquid manure must be named “”, and not “”, “” or “”. Copy the image file to the mod’s “overlays” folder. The overlay file will be ‘installed’ automatically during the loading of the map.


Jakob Tischler
CC Icons: see Readme.txt[wpfilebase tag=file id=2680 /]


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