FENDT standard vehicles


fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-2009 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20091 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20092 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20093 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20094 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20095 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20096 fendt-standart-fahrzeuge-original-aus-dem-landwirtschsfts-simulator-20097

Hello Fendt fans!

Here I have for you the kopletten Fendt fleet from the Farming Simulator 2009

In this pack are endhalten:

Fendt 209

Fendt 614

Fendt 614 VARIO

Fendt 936 VARIO BB

Fendt baler 1290

Fendt 5270

Fendt 8350

Fendt 9460

Fendt CornCutter

Fendt Cutter 7700

Fendt Cutter 6000

Fendt bale fork

Fendt pallet forks

Fendt shovel

It was taken TOTALLY fit all for Farming Simulator 2013.Tractors, threshers, the press, the reapers, and the tools for front loader work all!


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