Fendt 312 TMS WHITE


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Here we have for you the Fendt 312 TMS

Urmod : LSportal.nl modteam RTK – LS.

Tags: . BTS / Butters tuning company and Fin 50808 from Modhoster team

Here is also a version with red rims again …..

What has changed … ? ?

This version has about one out and fade-in Sigma4 loader
furthermore he has newly received

– Twin tires
– Terra / balloon tires
– Care / spray tires

Tire dust with a rotating rear PTO and it is now the LS13 PTO equipment
but also devices with the old PTO Attacher connected to the PTO.
furthermore he has about one or the other gimmick that you can find out yourself.

Who would not want him to have of him not download easy ….
all others we hope you enjoy this small but powerful Fendt

On ES Limiter Operating Hours , and was deliberately omitted.
Since there is already the most important scripts as ” Global ” Scripts
which protrude into their own respective vehicles.


Urmod .: LSportal.nl Modteam RTK – LS
Umbauten .: BTS / Butters Tuning Schmiede sowieskydancer, Fin 50808 vom Modhoster Team
Frontlader : AGO SystemTech[wpfilebase tag=file id=80 /]


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