Extreme Baling #1


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Heath SuperChaser
Massey Ferguson 2190 Hesston Series
New Holland BB9090
Fendt 12130N
Bale Pusher

SuperChaser Functions & Controls:
Collecting and stacking 10 square bales. Requires full size 120cm x 130cm Hesston bales produced from Extreme Baling #1 balers Massey Ferguson 1290, New Holland BB9090 or Fendt 12130N
Bales: hay, grass and straw bales
Particles: realistic particles for the loading and the unloading procedure
Chassis: Realistic suspension set-up
Realistic operation:
Before unloading you can push the top bales behind for better stacking
After unloading you must move forward, so the spike keep the bales back, so the tines get free and the bed can move to the transport position

Work/Transport position: Key X
Prepare for unloading position: Key B
Unload position: Key B
Abort Unloading: Key B
Unload: Key O (not zero)
Pushing the top bales behind: Key Z

Big Balers Functions & Controls:
Compacting hay or straw to square bales. Produces 120cm x 130cm full size Hesston bales
Animated pickUp. It gathers straw or grass only if it is down
Animated chute. A real chute that gives a realistic bale unloading

Work/Transport position: Key X
Lower/Raise PickUp: Key V
Turn on/off: Key B
Clear the chute for transport mode: Key K
Empty completely the baler to work with other fruit: Key M
Beacon: Key Home
Back work light: Key N
TGA Console: Key O (not zero)

For Modders:
We added a new attribute to the bales to make easiest the construction of bale trailers etc.
More info you can see at our website www.ARM-Team.gr


Heath SuperChaser
Model-Textures-Script: Mythos

Big Balers
Model: Copyright (C) GIANTS Software GmbH, Confidential, All Rights Reserved
Big Model Edit-Textures-Script: Mythos

Download: Extreme Baling #1


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