Deutz Torpedo TD 9006 v 2.0 Beta


deutz-torpedo-td-9006-a-special--2 deutz-torpedo-td-9006-a-special--21

I would like to thank modelleicher for his patienance to teach me how to work in AC3D and converting in Maya.

This tractor has a 6cyl air-cooled DIESEL engine with 68 kW/93 HP, top speed is 25 hm/h/18 mph.


Ploughing spec

Moving parts (front axle)

NumEnter: heater/start engine/stop engine

Key 9: release/engage handbrake

Alt+C: all wheel drive

Num1: left turn signal

Num2: all turn signals

Num3: right turn signal

Num5: front work lights

Num6: rear work lights


Model: deutzpower&gregor96
Textures: deutzpower
AO textures: deere_power
Convert: deutzpower
Ingame: [email protected][wpfilebase tag=file id=2823 /]


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